There are a LOT of internet marketing companies to choose from these days and it is often a challenge to distinguish the difference between the ones that provide a valuable service and those that will take your hard earned dollars and leave you wanting.  So how do you tell the difference?

The best SEO’s are part coach and part service provider.  They will collaborate with you to develop a multi-stage strategic plan that builds on your strengths and diminishes existing weaknesses.  Most importantly, they will be able to explain not just what they recommend, but why, and how similar actions or changes have been successful in the past.  Justification for changes to your site should ALWAYS include “improved user experience” and “improved conversion potential”.  If your current SEO doesn’t always talk about these elements, they may not truly have your best interest at heart.

At Half Dome Partners we strive to be the best in the internet marketing business, and our results speak for themselves.  We also make sure our clients understand everything we do on their behalf and the reasoning behind any action taken.  Give us a call to see what difference we can make to your business – 424-262-1515

As always, we like to turn our clients on to information our team finds valuable.  This recent video put together by the guys at SEOMoz talks about some important best practices on the subject of “over optimization”.  Enjoy!