Paid Search (PPC)


Paid Search or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is an internet marketing tactic where the advertiser (your company) pays a fee each time one of his/her advertisements gets a click. As its name suggests, Pay-Per-Click is a method of advertising where you only pay when you receive a visit to your site.

Get immediate qualified traffic

Through the use of PPC advertising you can drive qualified traffic to your website and into your sales funnel IMMEDIATELY. You do not need any organic rankings or earned authority to receive visitors through PPC. In other words, PPC advertising can provide a great jumpstart to your internet marketing and activate your sales process from the word “go.”

Advertise with more flexibility than ever

PPC Advertising provides the highest level of ad customization. PPC advertisers can choose to run ads in specific locations, during specific hours, and for targeted demographics. Contrary to traditional media ads, PPC ads can also be improved at any given time. Our PPC ad management strategy consists in repeatedly analyzing, testing, improving, and measuring your ad campaigns to maximize your Return On Investment.

“PPC phone leads are three times more likely to convert.” (Source: Ifbyphone)
Increase the authority of your organic search results

A popular and effective internet marketing strategy is to advertise on the same search result pages where you already have organic placements. If a searcher sees your business twice on the same result page, and your competitor only once, you’re more likely to get the click and visit.

Take qualified traffic from your competitors

PPC advertising allows your business to compete for search terms that your competitors value and for which you may not currently rank well. PPC advertising can help you get better visibility on the first result pages of search engines and take some of that qualified traffic from your competitors.

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