Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Services

When companies recognize a need for marketing their products or services, they will then need to consider whether an in-house hire is best, or if engaging an outside team makes more sense.

We have listed below 5 benefits of outsourced digital marketing. Which option makes more sense to you?

1. Save Money

Hiring an in-house marketer is often far more costly than hiring an outside firm.  Although marketing consultants can charge higher hourly rates, they allow you to avoid the cost burden of employee benefits, sick pay, and payroll tax which alone is a whopping 15.3%.


2. Move Quickly

Outsourcing your digtial marketing services usually provides a shorter turnaround for marketing tasks.  Outsourced teams don’t get roped into water cooler talk, office politics, or the birthday party planning committee.  They accomplish their marketing tasks with a high level of quality and urgency as they know their work product is the only thing they are judged on.  Being a “great person” or a good “corporate citizen” won’t keep them from getting fired if their work isn’t up to snuff.


3. Seamless Scalability

Having the ability to scale up the amount of work, the number of tasks, or complexity of campaigns you want to run can give you a HUGE advantage over your competition.  Will scaling up an in-house team bring the results you’re looking for, or will results be clouded with growing pains?  Outsourced digital marketing teams can give you increased workflow capacity with “on demand” flexibility.


4. Get the Honest Truth

Outsiders are more objective than insiders.  They provide insights and opinions based on expertise across their field and bring current best practices to bear for your business.  An outside team is far more objective than in-house staff who may fear losing their jobs should they disagree with a superior.


5. Access to Better Talent

External marketing teams often have a deeper, richer skill set.  Suppose your budget is $60,000 – would it be better to hire a single, mid-level marketer who specializes in one type of marketing, or would it be better to hire a marketing generalist?  Neither option is great, particularly if you want to market to potential customers across multiple channels.  Rather, why not hire a team of specialized professionals who possess a variety of skills and expertise – all for the same cost or less than hiring a dedicated in-house marketer.



Ultimately, choosing whether your business will execute its marketing in-house or by hiring an outside firm can feel like a complex decision.  We encourage you to perform an honest assessment of your needs and goals as you grow your business, and consider contacting us at Half Dome Partners to learn what we can do for you.