Questions from a potential client:

Can you tell me a little about what you do? Have you ever worked with bloggers?


In simplest terms, our team uses a rage of tools and methods to help drive traffic to our client’s sites.

This usually involves some level of search engine optimization (making changes in code or content to make a site conform to what Google “likes”) since SEO is known to offer the greatest value (ROI) of any form of internet marketing. Budget, goals, industry, and the current state of the website in question dictate what marketing mix we end up using, and each client is different. Local Optimization, Paid placement (PPC), e-mail marketing, social media engagement, and conversion testing can all play a role in a given campaign.

99% of our clients engage with people interested in their products, services, events, or organization through a blog. These clients probably wouldn’t classify themselves as bloggers even though they routinely publish blogs, since they are first and foremost something else: restaurateurs, educators, retailers, non-profits, sports teams, etc. Some of our clients are new to blogging and some have years of content logged.