Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rate optimization is a set of practices to improve your website performance, converting visitors (think prospects) into hot leads and customers. Conversion rate optimization is an effective tool to use and can provide great return on investment if your website is getting enough traffic.

Defining Your Website’s Goal and Strategy

There are many different reasons for having a website. There is however one thing all websites share: having a goal. Whether it is selling products or services, getting customers to contact you, to sign up for your newsletter… Your goal is to entice your website visitors to do what you wish them to do.

Creating Effective Website Landing Pages

Just like for a brick & mortar store, there are various aspects that need to work together to create a positive environment that favors buying impulses. Conversion rate optimization is a game of testing, measuring, and improving a website’s landing pages to improve the user experience, and consequently increase the website’s conversion rate.

  • If you are a SEO and/or PPC advertising user but your return on investment is low

If you are investing in Pay-Per-Click Ads, be sure that your website is equipped with effective landing pages. If your pages are not user-friendly and conversion-focused, there is a risk that you’ll waste your budget. Remember, sending traffic to your site is only half of a website purpose. Conversion optimization is the tool that improve your landing pages so as to help convert visitors into customers.

  • If your website is getting a good amount of traffic but your conversion rate is low

It is a common case for websites to generate a lot of traffic but have a low conversion rate. There are not many benefits from not converting your qualified traffic into active customers. Using conversion optimization, we help improve our clients’ web pages in order to seamlessly and quickly lead visitors to complete the website goals: get phone calls, emails, newsletter sign-ups…

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