Happiest Baby, founded by Dr. Harvey Karp, and creators of the SNOO Smart Sleeper and other baby sleeping solutions.

Happiest Baby was seeking Internet Marketing Solutions to optimize their web pages and blog content, identify new content opportunities and areas to target their baby sleeping products, as well as ongoing SEO and conversion optimization to reach the greatest number of qualified customers.


  • 155% increase in website visitors from organic search engine traffic
  • 155% increase in non-branded organic search terms
  • 109% increase in transactions from organic searches
  • 83% increase in revenue from organic searches
  • 137% increase in page views from organic visitors
  • 32% increase in average time on page from organic visitors
  • 54% decrease in bounce rate from organic visitors


Optimize Happiest Baby’s website to improve traffic from search engines and increase lead generation through the following initiatives:

  • Website architecture consultation to facilitate search engine understanding of Happiest Baby’s industry-leading states and promote high organic search engine positioning for web pages
  • Website design consulting to improve user experience, navigation, and conversions
  • Detect and repair website errors
  • Identify new content development opportunities and guided content creation for new and existing landing pages based on market opportunity analysis
  • Searcher intent alignment & featured snippet targeting