Ryan’s Express Transportation, a leading provider of ground transportation services – Full & Mid-size Motor Coaches, School buses, Mini Buses, Vans & SUVs – in California, Nevada, and Arizona, sought an internet marketing agency to help them re-launch their previously unproductive website and help them market and sell to their highest profit-margin customer type – which had largely been un-tapped: individual “retail” consumers seeking group transportation solutions.


  • $100,200 increase in monthly booked revenue (up from $5,450)
  • 12x increase in leads from 22 per month to 253 per month
  • 392% improvement in Conversion Rate (% of Visitors to Request a Quote) from 1.45% to 7.13%
  • 263% increase in Organic Search Traffic


Optimize Ryan’s website to improve traffic from search engines, fine-tune paid advertising, increase lead generation, and increase monthly booked revenue through the following initiatives

  • Re-focus website architecture, value propositions, and on-going content strategy to accurately reflect Ryan’s services, locations, and value
  • Optimize the user experience and navigation to improve the Quote Request conversion rate
  • Develop, test, and fine-tune hyper-targeted Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns to reinforce Ryan’s competitive strengths and draw traffic from competitors
  • Sales Process Consulting to assist Ryan’s Express in efficient lead handling and sale closing

Ryan’s Business Objective

Like most transportation companies, Ryan’s objective is to achieve full utilization of their vehicle fleet. As they say in this business, “You only make money when the wheels are turning.” However, full fleet utilization is only half of the equation when transportation companies want to grow. The other half of the growth equation is selling into the highly profitable “retail” market.  This was, in fact, a major goal of their Private Equity owners – Century Park Capital (Click Here to read about their goals and recent sale of Ryan’s)

In cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas where tourists are plentiful, Tour Companies will readily utilize as much of Ryan’s inventory as possible, but only for the lowest price. Therefore, in high demand markets, the greatest opportunity for profitable growth is to market and sell directly to end-consumers who are searching for service providers online and are typically less price sensitive.