Nourage, a Los Angeles based hair health supplement company, was looking for an internet marketing agency to aid in the redevelopment of their company website and e-commerce portal, create new ways of selling their product to increase sales revenue, and capitalize on search engine traffic for terms related to their hair health supplement product.


  • Doubled average monthly sales revenue in first 6 months since website relaunch.
  • 313.84% increase in organic search traffic over the previous 7-month period
  • 9.4% Reduction in Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (from 13.3% to 3.9%.)


SEO and Sales Process Improvement:

  • Redesign and rebuild the website’s architecture and content to improve the appearance in Search engines and streamline the user experience.
  • Integrate a sales and marketing automation platform to capture both visitor and customer information and nurture leads into customers.
  • Develop a subscription plan product, in addition to the existing single item purchase option, to increase product use rates, duration of client retention, and drive monthly revenue.

Paid Placement:

  • Develop and implement a paid placement strategy that includes Google AdWords, Retargeting, and digital media buys with online beauty and fashion outlets.

PR Guidance:

  • Collaborate with client’s public relations partner to ensure development of optimal linking relationships.

ABOUT Nourage

Nourage is a premium hair health supplement especially formulated for people with thinning hair. Nourage can help reverse the effects of non-genetic hair loss caused by stress, pregnancy, weight loss, protein deficiency, medication, menopause, or physical trauma. Nourage is a solubilized keratin supplement that improves hair health from the inside out.